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My friend with non-hodgkins lymphoma

Hey everyone!
A dear friend of mine, in fact my best friend, is having a stem cell transplant on Tuesday.  He’s 34 and his name is Michael.
He doesn’t know that I am writing this.
Mike found out he had non-hodgkins lymphoma 4 years ago.  He’s gone through a bunch of experimental treatments.  Work has been tough but [...]

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My first haircut in LA

Well, this is weird, but several people asked me to post pics of my haircut and I love vanity .. smurf.

Thx @mikeprasad

I have tremendous anxiety when going to a new place to get my hair done.  I usually let it go and go until I get agoraphobia.  I then dart to the hair salon and [...]

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Lost friends from grade school

Today I got a facebook add from an old friend from Toronto.  So, I decided to do some searching for my friends from that time.  I found one more friend before searching for Chris.  It seems Chris isn’t really “doing” Facebook.
And Facebook, you have the exception written .. maybe you could make it more encouraging? [...]

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