My friend with non-hodgkins lymphoma

Hey everyone!

michael & kate

Michael & Kate

A dear friend of mine, in fact my best friend, is having a stem cell transplant on Tuesday.  He’s 34 and his name is Michael.

He doesn’t know that I am writing this.

Mike found out he had non-hodgkins lymphoma 4 years ago.  He’s gone through a bunch of experimental treatments.  Work has been tough but for the most part he’s been doing good.  He told me the other day that he doesn’t want to have cancer anymore and that’s why he’s doing this experimental procedure.  The risk is pretty big and when he does recover he’s going to be pretty weak (unable to read, etc) for several weeks.

Mike’s a musician, writer, and poet.  He loves Jane Eyre, and some other crappy Brit Lit, non-fiction audio-books, LOLcats, TED, and anything educational.

So, I thought that if he were to get a few random cards or funny stuff in the mail it would be pretty cool.  I mean, every time he was feeling like shit, the twitterverse could make a difference.

He’s in Chicago and the address is:

Michael Oxenrider
University of Chicago Hospital
5841 S. Maryland Room TN 663
Chicago, IL 60637

Update: Mike is home now! .. Thx everyone!!

Below is the letter I got from his amazing girlfriend Kate.
It was addressed to me and three others.

Thanks for making the effort!!

Hi everyone!

Michael’s Stem cell transplant is this Tuesday. I will be decorating his room for him to come back to and if  any of you would like to send along a card or note for him to read when he is recovering, that would be so great!!!

Thanks everyone!

P.S – After sleeping on it, I don’t know if this is the right thing to do. Let me know if you think its good or bad .. I might take it down if enough people tell me its a bad idea.

Addition: I am leaving it up.  Everyone seems to think its much more positive than negative.  Kate agrees.  Thanks everyone!!

  • Hitesh Katia

    may god bless u Mich

  • feijing

    i am sorry to know about your friend and i believe he will are a kind man,

  • I wish I would've read this last month, I would've loved to send get well wishes. How is Michael doing? Any updates?

  • My husband had a stem cell transplant almost three years ago (Jan 2006). If you'd like to talk or email, then email me first, and I'll get back in touch with you. Or I'll give you my husband's email address and you can talk or email with him. His name is John. I am assuming you will get the email address if I fill out the info. below. If not, come to my blog and leave a comment saying you'd like to talk about Michael and his situation. It really does help to talk with somebody who has been through it, and John will be willing to talk with you.

    Krissy Knox

  • I agree with Liam - I'd suggest taking down the street address and use a PO box .. wonderful gesture on your part...

    Hope the procedure went well today
    @tyropearl from twitter

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