My first haircut in LA

Well, this is weird, but several people asked me to post pics of my haircut and I love vanity .. smurf.

Thx @mikeprasad

I have tremendous anxiety when going to a new place to get my hair done.  I usually let it go and go until I get agoraphobia.  I then dart to the hair salon and pray.

I am new to LA, I and can’t fly back to Indiana to “The Hairman” and get my hair cut from Heather.  I tweet’d for some recommendations on haircuttery (oh that’s that awful place in Chicago thx @koreanforrabbit).  The Paul Mitchell school in the Galleria seemed like a “great” idea, it would be cheap and was right around the corner from my “home”.  (Note to self: I don’t want a “cheap” haircut.)

The girl there was really sweet and gave a great head massage / shampoo.  The actual hair-cutting, not so much.  Overall, and to quote myself:

Just finished with the longest and most interactive haircut of my life .. took so long my parking validation for 2hrs was exceeded .. lol”

I probably would never go back, but she did an adequate job.  $5 tip .. for encouragement.

She was excited ..

.. to have me leave.

Here you go, let me know what you think.

  • Lisa

    Nice...Very non-unibomber.

  • nixie

    Nice haircut mate...and you look marvelous... :)

  • Jessica

    I think it looks great, and it's good to see your face again. Plus, thank for letting me know how to send Micheal some cheer.

  • koreanforrabbit

    HEY! I never had a bad haircut at a Hair Cuttery until I moved to the suburbs. I just had to move on because the Hair Cutterists here all think I want to look like someone's mom. Puke..

    My new hairdresser is gay and asian, just the way I like 'em.

    And I miss your old timey sideburns.

  • Lou

    Welcome to California, nice haircut its so L.A. Make sure to bring back the longer hair sideburns someday.

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